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MT2 Questions - 1 How much Molybdenum is required daily A)2...

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1. How much Molybdenum is required daily? A)2 grams B)2 mcg C) 2000mcg D)2 kg 2. Where can Molybdenum be found? Nuts, canned vegetables, bread, cereals 3. Why is Molybdenum essential? Essential component of enzymes(Xanthine enzymes) 4. How much Iron is in the body? 2-4 Grams 5. How much Iron is required daily? 10-20mg/day 6. What is caused by an Iron deficiency? Anemia 7. What is Hemochromatosis? A genetic disorder in which the body absorbs an abnormal amount of iron. 8. Where is Iron stored during hemochromatosis? Heart, liver, pancreas, joints. 9. What does hemochromatosis contribute to? Heart and liver disease, diabetes and arthritis. 10.Which molecule contains Iron at its center and binds to oxygen? Hemoglobin. 11.What was done in medieval times to the wine? Nails were added to increase Iron concentration. 12.Which foods are high in Iron? Steak, Broccoli. 13.How is Iron best absorbed? With Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C aids absorption in the Gastrointestinal tract. 14.What is Geritrol? A good Iron source. It is a multiple vitamin tonic. 15.Name a once a day supplement of Iron? SlowFe. 16.What is Porphyria? An inherited condition in which porphryn is overproduced which binds to Iron causing reddish skin and excessive hair growth. 17.Which bacterial culture needs Zinc to multiply? Asperillius Niger. 18.What does ionic Zinc look like? White Crystalline solid. 19.What percentage of the body is Zinc? .003% 20.Which enzyme requires Zinc? Insulin.
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Circulation. 22.What disorder is characterized by a lack of taste? Anosmia. 23.Which disease causes poor circulation that is associated with Zinc? Ranaud’s disease. 24.What has Zinc also been linked with, but not entirely proven? Schizophrenia, Prostate problems. 25.Which foods are good sources of Zinc? Oysters, Peanuts, Meat. 26.How much Zinc is required daily? 50 mg per day. 27.Which food group sequesters Zinc and draws it out of the body? Fiber. 28.How many enzymes are connected with Zinc? 200. 29. Name three important enzymes associated with Zinc? Alcohol dehydrogenase, RNA polymerase, tRNA synthetase. 30.What process does Elemental Iodine go through when exposed to heat? Sublimation(transfer directly from solid to gaseous state) 31.What is caused by a deficiency of ionic iodine? Goiter 32.What is iodine needed for? Fat Metabolism. 33.How much Potassium Iodide is added to salt, percentage wise? .01% 34.How much iodine is needed daily? 150 Mcg. 35.Which salt producing country has had problems with prevalent levels of goiter? Kazakhstan 36.How much money is spent on adding Iodide to salt in Kazakhstan? 5 cents per person per year 37.In what form is Selenium found in the diet? Selenite 38.How much Selenium is required daily? 50 Micrograms. 39.What complex is Selenium part of? Glutathione peroxidase
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MT2 Questions - 1 How much Molybdenum is required daily A)2...

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