my 2009 midterm

my 2009 midterm - QUESTIONS o 1. From data provided on the...

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QUESTIONS 1. From data provided on the exam calculate o 298K H for the dissociation of ( 29 g C 2 . Point out any assumptions involved in the calculations. (13) 2. 100 g of ice at -25 o C are added to 250 g of H 2 O( l ) at 25 o C in an adiabatic container. Describe the composition and temperature of the system in its final state. . (12) 3. The H vap of H 2 O( l ) changes by 7.8% over a T of 75 o C (i.e. between 25 o C and 100 o C). Calculate the T required to bring about a 7.8% change for the processes below, and comment briefly on the basis for the variations: (10) (a).The combustion of H 2 (g) to produce H 2 O(g) (g) The denaturation of a globular protein (DSC on the data page). 4. There are thermodynamic relations that are always valid and others that are only valid under specific conditions. Indicate for the following relations if there are any particular restrictions that apply and if so, indicate what those restrictions are: (10) (a) q = H w = E- q (b) q = E – w max (c) E = H - n(RT) (d) w = E – q (e) H = C P T 5. (a) List the C P values: i) ignoring vibration contributions and ii) at the high- temperature limit for each of the gases given below: H 2 O(g), Ne(g), (g), Br 2 C 2 H 2 (g), CO 2 (g), NH 3 (g), (10) (b) The C p of a gas = 37.1 and 37.3 J mol -1 K -1 at 1500 and 2000K, respectively. Determine which of the gases above is responsible for these values. 1
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McGILL UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SCIENCE CHEMISTRY 203 MIDTERM EXAM (2 HOURS) Examiner: Dr. W.C. Galley Oct. 13, 2009 6:00 - 8:00 PM INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. There are 5 questions on the exam. Answer all 5 in a McGill exam booklet. The value of each question is indicated in the left-hand margin. The total value of the exam is 55 marks. 2. There is 1 page to the examination not including the title and data pages. 3. Calculators
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my 2009 midterm - QUESTIONS o 1. From data provided on the...

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