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Week 3 Assignment Individual Discussion Question FP/120 Essentials of Personal Finance Lois Hughes Heidi Roberts Instructor University of Phoenix 1
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Outline the decision process/steps that you took individually to make a major purchase recently or in the past. Include some of the factors you considered in making this decision. Assess the end result of your decision and state whether you believe it was the right decision and why. Our middle of three daughters was reaching the age of having driving privileges. Our oldest daughter had received a car from us some three years earlier, (a vehicle we paid some $13,000 for) and had not abided by many of the rules put in place at that time. We have subsequently told the next child that we would not be spending the same amount of money on her. We went through the process of what she would like, type of vehicle, color, etc. She came to settle on the PT Cruiser. We looked at a few, and came across an eggplant color. Herein starts the process. Since this is my child, I was adamant
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Week_3_Decision_Process_Lois_Hughes - Week 3 Assignment...

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