tree - Herbicide Company Genealogy The following chart is...

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Herbicide Company “Genealogy” The following chart is intended to show the history of the major U.S. herbicide companies. The information depends largely on people’s memories, which sometimes can be inexact, on records from the headquarters of major companies, and from histories on the internet. No guarantees are made for accuracy, although I think it is pretty close. The dates of the founding of companies or of acquisitions and mergers sometime vary slightly from one reference to another, so they should not be considered as solid historical facts. Only U.S. companies are listed. International companies are listed only if they had subsidiaries in the U.S., such as Ciba-Geigy or BASF. I have tried to include mergers or acquisitions of entire companies or the ag divisions of companies, but acquisition of individual products are mentioned only occasionally. In many cases, the major company continues in existence and it is the agricultural division that becomes part of another company. Example: Aventis sold its ag products division to Bayer while the pharmaceutical portion of Aventis continues. Acquisitions of seed companies are not included. The major companies included are those with a history of synthesis, screening, and development of herbicides in the U.S., even if their parent company is overseas. This excludes marketing companies and those dealing only with other pesticides. Some companies have a distinguished herbicide history but no longer develop new herbicides. These are so noted. Numerous companies and individuals have been consulted and have been very helpful. But I have not always followed suggestions exactly if I felt I had more accurate information from a different source, so all the errors and omissions are mine. Changes will be shown on the web page at Arnold P. Appleby, Prof. Emeritus Crop Science, Oregon St. University Corvallis, OR 97331-3002 Phone: 541/737-5894; FAX: 541/737-1589 [email protected]
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History of the U.S. Herbicide Companies December 2008 Arnold P. Appleby, Oregon State University Echigoya 1673 Mitsui 1920 cotton division Tomen Agro US 1995 Tomen Corp 1970 Toyo Menka Kaisha 2002 (life sci. divis. ) Arysta Life Sci. No. Amer. Corp. 2005 Arvesta Arysta Life Sci. 2001 (subsid. of Arysta) life sci. divis. (Nichimen Agrimart) Nichimen Corp. 1982 Nichimen Co., Ltd 1943 Nippon Menka Kaisha 1892 ( Japanese Cotton Trading Co. Cela Angel Pharmacy Celamerck 1972 EMD 2003 EM Indust . Merck KgaA 1668 U.S. Divis. of Merck) 1986 Shell International American Cyanamid (subsid. of American Home ) 1994 American Cyanamid 1907 ( Home & Garden to Rhone Poulenc in 1990;Celamerck in Ger.; sold to Scotts in 1998) J.B. Ford Co. Glassworks late 1880s 2000 Wyandotte Chem. Corp. 1943 Michigan Alkali Co. 1893 1969 Hoechst Hochst 1863 BASF Corp. 1986 BASF-Wyandotte 1969 BASF . I.G. Farben 1925 BASF 1865 Bayer Bayer 1863 (plus other companies) (BASF comes from Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik)
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tree - Herbicide Company Genealogy The following chart is...

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