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Weed Science, PLS 4601c Section 7644 and Grad. – Prin. Of Weed Science AGR 6932 Section 9212 University of Florida – Davie http://grove.ufl.edu/~turf/weedscience/ Philip Busey, [email protected] (cell) July 13, 2009 Common weeds set 2 Genus species Common name Family Life cycle Stem and growth Leaves Inflorescence Flowers Fruits Lygodium microphyllum Old World climbing fern Schizaeaceae perennial, flammable understory vine, to 30 m, smothers trees pinnate Sporangia on leaf margin not a flowering plant reproduces by spores Pistia stratiotes waterlettuce Araceae perennial floating aquatic plant in rosettes grayish green, marked with parallel veins clustered in leaf axils inconspicuous many-seeded green berry Imperata cylindrica cogongrass Poaceae perennial spreading by rhizomes bright green in stands; sheaths fringed at top cylyndrical panicles; silky; looks fuzzy spikelets 3-6 mm long, silky hairs to 10 mm caryopsis dispersed in spikelet Neyraudia reynaudiana Burmareed Poaceae
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