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HOS 6373C, 2009, Project Do you have a favorite plant? Is there a reason to culture it in vitro or to do genetic transformation? Or is there an in vitro technique or constituent you would like to know more about?  Explore it in this project. This only has to be a virtual project but if you want to try  something in the lab we will try to make it happen. In any case, the project will involve a literature  search and background reading that you will need to distill before you give your presentation. Here is what you need to do:  L 1. Pick a topic. It can be anything to do with plant tissue culture or genetic transformation. If you are having a problem with this, ask me for suggestions. 2. Research the topic. Determine what has (and has not) been previously learned about the topic. Include this information in your final product (see below). From what I can see,
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Unformatted text preview: you all know how to research a topic, but if you need suggestions, I can help. Reviews and general papers are fine, but be sure to include some primary literature. 3. Prepare your talk and presentation. Plan a 10 minute talk (plus 3 minutes for questions). I will assume that your visuals will be computer-based unless you tell me otherwise, but they do not have to be. In addition, you will prepare a “product” that you can turn in. This could be a paper (no longer than 5 pages). It could also be a web page, a movie, or a poster. If you have another idea, check with me. (Make sure that the final product is yours; citing others is fine, copying them verbatim is not). Presentations will be on April 16 and April 23. Preference for a date will be given to those students who volunteered for the late lab. 4. Be a good listener and ask questions....
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