Lab 02-media - At this time, add Agar if its to be used;...

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Lab 2 Media Preparation Objective: Students will prepare media for an upcoming experiment Cauliflower medium Add per 1 Liter MS salts 4.3g (1 packet) Myo-Inositol 100mg GM stock 10ml Sucrose 30g Kinetin (stock) 2.5 mg/L Adjust pH to 5.6, bring to volume in graduated cylinder 1 Liter Add 16g of agar. Pour into 100x20 plates When making media, many of the ingredients have a fine powder consistency. We recommend filling your vessel with most of the final volume of water (about 800ml for a final volume of 1 liter). Adding the chemicals to the liquid prevents them from clumping and sticking to the sides of the vessel. Measure out each ingredient and add to the vessel one at a time and allow it to dissolve if necessary. Once all ingredients are added, adjust the pH as necessary. Then pour the media into a graduated cylinder and bring to its final volume.
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Unformatted text preview: At this time, add Agar if its to be used; the agar must be heated to dissolve, which will happen during autoclaving. Cover the vessel loosely with aluminum foil. Attention: Be sure to use an overflow pan when autoclaving! If antibiotics are to be used, wait until the media cools to body temperature (when you can touch and hold the vessel without it being too hot to hold). Add the antibiotics and allow to mix in. For pouring Petri dishes: mix well on stirring plate. Cover beaker with double aluminum foil, label and autoclave at 121C for 30 minutes. Place beaker on stir plate under hood, loosen foil cap, cool slightly and pour petri dishes. Observe sterile technique. GM stock (per 1 liter) Glycine 40mg Nicotinic Acid 100mg Pyridoxine HCl 200mg Thiamine HCl 200mg...
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Lab 02-media - At this time, add Agar if its to be used;...

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