Lab 4-potato - MS media 1mg/L Kinetin 7 Wrap each plate...

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Lab 4 Protocol: 1. Cut off four shoot tips from the Sweet Potato shoots. 2. Wash the tips in Clean water. 3. Place in a clean beaker and wash in 70% EtOH for 30 seconds ONLY . Pour off EtOH. 4. Wash in 2% bleach with 1 drop of Tween 20 for 5 minutes. Pour off Bleach. 5. Rinse Three times in sterile water for 1-2 minutes each. 6. Under a dissecting microscope, excise each shoot tip (about 0.5 mm in length). Put two of the tips on MS media + 0.2mg/L 2,4-D and put the other two tips on
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Unformatted text preview: MS media + 1mg/L Kinetin. 7. Wrap each plate with parafilm and keep in the dark. For white potato – if we have potato plants we will excise shoot tips, otherwise we will perform the same procedure on buds from white potatoes. Media: Add per 1 Liter MS salts 4.3g (1 packet) Myo-Inositol 100mg GM stock 10ml Sucrose 20g Agar 8g Kinetin 1 mg OR 2,4-D 0.2mg...
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