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Lab 5 Micropropagation of Anthurium andreanum Protocol: 1. Cut off four shoots from the Anthurium plant. Trim off leaves. 2. Wash the tips under tap water to remove debris. 3. Place in a clean beaker and wash in 70% EtOH for 1 minute . Pour off EtOH. 4. Wash in bleach (100ml in 200ml water) with 1 drop of Tween 20 for 5 minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: Pour off Bleach. 5. Rinse Three times in sterile water for 1-2 minutes each. 6. Using a scalpel trim down the shoots. Set each shoot tip into an individual culture jar (jars contain sterile rockwool and liquid MS media). 7. Replace the cap on each jar, label and place under light....
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