Plant Tissue Culture Terminology

Plant Tissue Culture Terminology - PhytoTechnology...

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Phyto Technology Laboratories , Inc. P.O. Box 13481; Shawnee Mission, KS 66282-3481 Phone: 1-888-749-8682 or 913-341-5343; Fax: 1-888-449-8682 or 913-341-5442 Web Site: Dedicated to a Better Way of Life through Plants TM Phyto Technology Laboratories, Inc . Product Information Sheet Plant Tissue Culture Terminology Adventitious--- Developing from unusual points of origin, such as shoot or root tissues, from callus or embryos, from sources other than zygotes. Agar ---a polysaccharide powder derived from algae used to gel a medium. Agar is generally used at a concentration of 6-12 g/liter. Aseptic ---Free of microorganisms. Aseptic Technique ---Procedures used to prevent the introduction of fungi, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma or other microorganisms into cultures. Autoclave ---A machine capable of sterilizing wet or dry items with steam under pressure. Pressure cookers are a type of autoclaves. Auxin ---A group of plant growth regulators that promotes callus growth, cell division, cell enlargement, adventitious buds, and lateral rooting. Endogenous auxins are auxins that occur naturally. Indole-3-acetic (IAA) is a naturally occurring auxin. Exogenous auxins are auxins that are man-made or synthetic. Examples of exogenous auxins included 2,4- Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), Indole-3-Butyric acid (IBA), α -Naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA), and 4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid (CPA). Callus ---An unorganized, proliferate mass of differentiated plant cells, a wound response. Chemically Defined Medium ---A nutritive solution for culturing cells in which each component is specifiable and ideally of known chemical structure. Clone ---Plants produced asexually from a single source plant. Clonal Propagation
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Plant Tissue Culture Terminology - PhytoTechnology...

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