Preparing Stock Solutions

Preparing Stock Solutions - PhytoTechnology Laboratories,...

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Phyto Technology Laboratories , Inc. P.O. Box 13481; Shawnee Mission, KS 66282-3481 Phone: 1-888-749-8682 or 913-341-5343; Fax: 1-888-449-8682 or 913-341-5442 Web Site: Dedicated to a Better Way of Life through Plants TM Phyto Technology Laboratories, Inc . Product Information Sheet Preparing Stock Solutions The use of stock solutions reduces the number of repetitive operations involved in media preparation and, hence, the chance of human or experimental error. Moreover direct weighing of media components (e.g., micronutrients and hormones) that are required only in milligram or microgram quantities in the final formulation cannot be performed with sufficient accuracy for tissue culture work. For these components, preparation of concentrated stock solutions and subsequent dilution into the final media is standard procedure. In addition, concentrated solutions of some materials are more stable and can be stored for longer periods than more dilute solutions. To prepare a stock solution, weigh out the required amount of the compound and place it in a clean flask. It is common practice to make a stock solution 10x or 100x, depending upon the solubility of the compound. Once the chemical is in the flask, dissolved it in a small amount of
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Preparing Stock Solutions - PhytoTechnology Laboratories,...

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