Schedule 2009 - March 5 Demo Protoplast fusion Jude Grosser...

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METHODS & APPLICATIONS OF PLANT CELL & TISSUE CULTURE (HOS 6373C) Tentative Spring 2009 Schedule Date Lecture Lab January 8 Introduction, course description, grading, lab safety, sterile technique Carrot callus initiation, sterile technique January 15 No lecture Medium making January 22 Media components and types, sterile technique Production of shoots from cauliflower Establishment of potato in vitro January 29 Developmental pathways of plant regeneration Coleus culture initiation Sweet potato shoot tips February 5 Plant growth regulators Effects of hormones on tobacco morphogenesis Transfer carrot explants February 12 Agrobacterium-mediated transformation Inoculation with Agrobacterium - tobacco February 19 Biolistic transformation, In planta transformation In plant transformation - arabidopsis February 26 Micropropagation Transfer potatoes, sweet potatos, coleus Citrus somatic embryogenesis
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Unformatted text preview: March 5 Demo Protoplast fusion Jude Grosser Demo Protoplast fusion Jude Grosser Transfer carrot explants, cauliflower March 12 Spring Break Spring Break March 19 Other tissue culture topics somaclonal variation, in vitro mutagenesis, anther culture cryopreservation, suspension cultures Biolistic transformation March 26 Other tissue culture topics, cont. chloroplast transformation, more? Field Day Mark Gooch, DPI - Citrus shoot tip grafting, thermotherapy April 2 Methods of analyzing transgenic plants NPTII, GUS, GFP analysis April 9 Examples of uses of transformation, ethics Extraction of DNA & setting up PCR of GMOs reactions April 16 Project presentations Running and staining gels, Southern demo April 23 Project presentations Last day! Examine all cultures, finish up lab books...
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Schedule 2009 - March 5 Demo Protoplast fusion Jude Grosser...

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