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Shoot tip grafting procedure 1. Select tips 1-5cm. in length, excise from plant, place in Petri dish with wet filter paper 2. Place labeled Petri dish in refrigerator while setting up hood 3. Spray entire hood with 70% ethanol and turn hood on 4. Place microscope and light in hood and spray with 70% 5. Spray with 70% all tube holders, racks, and trays and place in hood 6. Spray with 70% all sterilized supplies and tools and place in hood 7. Wash hands with antibacterial soap then spray with 70% 8. Unwrap sterile paper towels dropping towels in hood and holding foil 9. Pick up 1 sterile paper towel and flatten foil over base of microscope with inside of foil facing up 10. Place a folded paper towel on hood countertop and unwrap and place sterile beakers with cheesecloth on folded paper towel 11. Fill 1 beaker with 10% bleach and 1 beaker with sterile DI water 12. Flatten 3-4 sterile paper towels in place where tools will be 13. Open sterile stainless steel container and remove sterile tools and place on
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