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METHODS & APPLICATIONS OF PLANT CELL & TISSUE CULTURE (HOS 6373C) Spring, 2009, 3 credits COURSE INSTRUCTOR: GLORIA MOORE 1111 Fifield Hall, 392-4711x221, [email protected] TEACHING ASSISTANT: KIMBERLY NIBLETT, COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is targeted to plant scientists who may wish to use tissue culture and/or produce transgenic plants at some point in their research careers, but do not necessarily want to become experts in this area. These could be scientists whose work is usually more applied, e.g. plant breeders, or researchers whose work is usually more basic, e.g. molecular biologists. Thus, specific objects include: 1. To convey the concepts of plant tissue culture and transformation in lectures. 2. To provide hands-on experience of the most common of these techniques in labs and demonstrations of more advanced or uncommon techniques. 3. To demonstrate how to initiate and perform this kind of research with a crop of choice. 4. In conjunction with these activities, to reinforce concepts of scientific thinking, planning and analysis of experiments, record keeping, literature reading, and presentation of results. 5. An examination of current genetic transformation practices in the industry; and their implications for farmers and consumers. CONTENTS AND ORGANIZATION: Lectures : will be held in Fifield Hall classroom 2318 on Thursday at 4th period (10:40- 11:30 AM). Laboratory : Labs will be held in 1135 Fifield Hall on Thursday, periods 6 – 8 (12:50 – 3:50). Most labs will not take this much time. Since grading will be based in large part on lab notebooks and discussions and experiments done during class time, attendance at all lectures and labs is required. If you are not present, you cannot accomplish the required activities. One missed day will be forgiven, if there is a good excuse. Each additional miss will result in an automatic reduction of your grade of 5 points.
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GRADING: There will be no formal exams in this course, because I do not think it is necessary to memorize and regurgitate this material. Grading will be based on detailed notebooks, which will collect records of experiments and answers to questions that will be provided (see below) (75%), a project due at the end of class (15%) and classroom participation (10%). Final grades will be based upon the sum of these scores: 90-100 points = A; 85- 89 points = B+; 80-84 points = B; <80 points = C+ or lower. Class attendance and participation will be considered in assigning grades to students with exam averages falling near a cut-off point. LABORATORY STRUCTURE:
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