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Exam_01_Form_P_Key - Mahoney KC Exam DI MGF1107—Summer B...

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Unformatted text preview: Mahoney KC Exam DI MGF1107—Summer B 2010+UF Name:# UF ID: ______—______ a Print your full name and UFID it at the top ofthe page. o You will have 70 minutes to complete this exam. at when you receive this exam, teerofithis page. You will onlyr turn in this page, unless stated otherwise. I You may keep your exam. - You may write on any part of your exam. The back two pages may he used as scratch paper. O Calculators may not be used on this exam. - You must sign the honesty statement below. - You may leave when you are done. a Good Luck! Honor Statement: "On my honor, I have ither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment.“ Signature: Fill-In The Blank [2 points each] 3. Recon: M2 7. Co “$6.1M ‘6‘”? 2. Area 8. i‘ mag-e 3. figmaMA/W' 9. AJJociafi-‘M’ 4. 1° «oblwl‘ m. 001 e-w—we’ 5. )7: hence 11. 0 6&8 5, 0.8 P arm 12, Egg (2 we “7 Multiple Choice [3 points each.] .,®® ®@®@ ©®®® ©0©G ©©©© The Free Response Section is on the Back of this Page. Form P, Page lofs Mahoney Exam 01 MGFIIU? —Sumrner-B 2010 — UF Name: UFID: ____‘__— Free Response 4 points each 1. Write the answer to the addition problem involving integers and then drew a diagram depicting the addltlon using m&m’5 as in Lecture 04. _5+3= #2 ,®@ I _ @@@ 2. Fill in the 11013510 compiete the Lattice Multiplication of the two numbers, write the final answer in the answer block as Iwell. A row for Carries has been provided but may not be necessary. 757-51: 33 60‘? 3. Use Long Division to write the given fraction in its expanded decimal form. —.... 1 c O 3 3 3. . g: L033 l2 JanoOo "Too e :is L40 1.6. ‘10 Form P, Page 2 of 8 ...
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