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Unformatted text preview: Mahoney . _ Exam ()3 ly'lGF‘JJIZli‘I k Summer B 2010 7 UF Name: 1‘66“? - Print your full name and UFID a at the top of the page c You will have 70 minutes to complete this exam. - When you receive this exam, tear off this page. You will only turn in this page, unless stated otherwise. I You may keep your exam. I You may write on any part of your exam. The back two pages may be used as scratch paper. I Scientific Calculators may used on this 91am. Graphing Calculators and Cell Phones may not. - You must Sign the honesty statement below. - You may leave when you are done, I Good Luth Honor Statement: "Ur- Irw 410nm. ! nave neither given nor received unauthoriied aid in doing this assignment." Signature: M FilHn The Blank [2 points each] 1 Mafia! 7_ Vev Li 5 all», 2. ( l'v’c. I LE, 3_ m f7 6 qu' _- 3. ['3 U 5 1' we- J-f 9. l? 91‘ V4 a +5 4. C [fl-6C NUT-y" 10. F:— | )‘(zcl 5- U |'- 0 bulk; 11. FCfV'Cf 50% 5, [fl 0" :' E {-6}- i'itff 12, _ F'EDVWQL-(Tff Multiple Choice [3 points each.] @ @@@@ ©© @@©@ @®@® @QQQ @©@® ® ® ® The Free Response Section is an the Backof this Page. Form P, Page 1 of 10 / ‘/ l \ Mahoney Exam EB MGF1107—Summer82010-UF Name: UFlD. _____-__77fi7 Free Response 4 points each 1. In Mark’s new business venture he rents a tiny kiosk window for $1000 a month from which he sells delicious flavor infused grass juice beverages at $5 a beverage. Mark spends about $3 to make each delicious grassiuice drink. 3) identify the Fixed-Costs, Variable Costs, and Per Unit Revenue. too O 3 [1] Write down the Coat. Revenue, and Profit functions. Costfunction: 2 X r (600 _5__ Fixed Cost: Variable Cost: , Per Unit Revenue: 5X— 6 (:3): .fi (3x +1006)» f 5k-5A'W’cioa Revenue Function: Profit Function: cl Find the break-even point by setting (.00 = R(x) and solving for x. .3 q-iooo : 5x :3: ~§>< loot; reg 500 -= *" M500): 5 590”ij / C 5052;42500) d} Graph C(11), ROE), and 13(1). Provide your owl-11 ‘F (r (A) axes. Your graph does not need to be that 3500.1. accurate but should include all iii-intercepts. the break-even point, and the x—intercept ofihe _ x Fad Profit function. K ’r 2. Recently due to an outbreak of vampires, a local werewolf population begins to double every 2 da 5. If there was ontht-n the vampire outbreak began, how many werewolves will there . be 2 weeks from now? — ‘—.— This is an example of exponential C) LCM é drain-— ~b 4 B a 01 Write the exponential function that models this problem: Answerthe question: 6 L1 0 H \l. 5503:}: {but show computational steps} W Bel l \) 50 llg 6‘40 ll Ni. Form P, Page 2 of 10 [of ;- iG-6[’i‘ 3 cm: ...
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Exam_03_Form_P_Key - Mahoney Exam)3 ly'lGF‘JJIZli‘I k...

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