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27 - 28.page08 - -What is carbon sequestration-What are the...

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NRES 201 Inro to Soil Science Lec. 27-28 Soil Organic Matter Ch. 11 3/13/2007 8 The Carbon Cycle The Carbon Cycle Learning objectives: - Understand the main sinks and sources of C - Understand the Global Carbon Cycle - Know the soil and climate factor effects on C - Understand the decomposition of plant material with different C/N ratios. - Know the gases involved with global warming
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Unformatted text preview: -What is carbon sequestration?-What are the benefits of and factors affecting composting Global Carbon Cycle Global Carbon Cycle numbers in 10 15 g C Carbon in the Soil Carbon in the Soil 2400 Pg of Soil Organic Matter 700 Pg of soil carbonates 45% of all Soil OM is held in Histosols, Gelisols, and Inceptisols (“Black Carbon”)...
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