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Unformatted text preview: NRES 201 Inro to Soil Science Lec. 27-28 Soil Organic Matter Ch. 11 3/13/2007 The Carbon Cycle Global Carbon Cycle Environmental Effects The Role of Soil Carbon and Soil Organic Matter Global Carbon Cycle • Atmosphere has 750 Pg of C • Biosphere has 550 Pg of C • Pedosphere has 2,400 Pg of C • 60 Pg C / yr produced in terrestrial ecosystems Pg = 1015 g Carbon Cycle Flow (Pg/yr) - Soil contains 2x C of plants and atmosphere - Human caused imbalances - Fossil fuel burning - Outflow from soil greater than accumulation (62 vs. 60) - Partial offsets, increased ocean adsorption 9 ...
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