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NRES 201 Inro to Soil Science Lec. 27-28 Soil Organic Matter Ch. 11 3/13/2007 10 Carbon Cycle Components Carbon Cycle Components -CO 2 into plants, photosynthesis - Respiration (plants) - Animal Consumption (respiration, assimilation, waste) - Small amounts as carbonates - Large storage in oceans and lakes - Massive storage in carbonate rocks Atmospheric Increases of CO
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Unformatted text preview: Atmospheric Increases of CO 2- Increase began in Industrial Revolution- 280 ppm to 370 ppm- Increases 0.5% per year Global Warming Global Warming Greenhouse Gases: Carbon Dioxide 49% (50% industrial) Methane 23% (5% industrial) CFCs 20% (100% industrial) Ozone 4% (100% industrial) Nitrous Oxide 4% (10% industrial)...
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