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NRES 201 Inro to Soil Science Lec. 27-28 Soil Organic Matter Ch. 11 3/13/2007 11 Net Carbon Cycle Flow (Pg/yr) Net Carbon Cycle Flow (Pg/yr) 219 Pg/yr into atmosphere 215 Pg/yr removed from atmosphere How can this balance be altered? Less respiration Carbon sequestration Less fossil fuel burning Methane Production Methane Production 30-50 times as effective (greenhouse gas) as CO 2 Released by anaerobic activity
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Unformatted text preview: Wetlands Rice paddies (25% of world methane) Gases escape through hollow stems Occasionally draining paddies helps Carbon Sequestration Carbon Sequestration Strategies to lower atmospheric levels Soil Based Changes- Increase growth in deserts and degraded lands- Reduce emissions from soils- Increase C fixation by plants- Increase soil OM...
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