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NRES 201 Inro to Soil Science Lec. 27-28 Soil Organic Matter Ch. 11 3/13/2007 14 Highly decomposed Highly decomposed Un Un -decomposed decomposed Marl Marl Histosols have: Histosols have: - Very high Water holding capacity - Very high CEC - Very highly buffered (slow pH change) - Little aluminum problems - Rapid degradation following oxidation drainage wind erosion fire The Tollund Man The Tollund Man In 1938 peat cutters found a male corpse in a bog near Tollund (Denmark). The head of the deceased has been preserved and is on display at Silkeborg Museum. The left side of his face was squished by the weight of the overlying
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Unformatted text preview: peat. He was found wearing only a cap on his head and a rope around his neck. His stomach still preserved his last meal: a gruel of various grains and no traces of meat or fruits. It is assumed that he was strangled in a winter around 350 B.C. as a sacrifice to the fertility god and then buried in the sacred bog. Bog people are rare examples of fossils that have not been altered. Interestingly, because of the high acidity of the bog water the skin and organs get preserved, whereas the bones became decalcified, i.e. soft and in some cases vanish (you will only find a bag of skin)....
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