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29 - 30.page15 - AlVflVIONIA VOLATILIZATION NH3 can be...

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Unformatted text preview: AlVflVIONIA VOLATILIZATION NH3 can be lost from the soil as ammonia gas in high pH soils: NHfi + OH- —> H30 +NH3T Hence“ anhydrous ammonia (NH 4*) should not be used on soils with pH values above ~ 7.2 (calcareous soils). AlVflVIONIA VOLATILIZATION Surface application of manures can also result in loss of ammonia gas. Substantial losses of ammonia can also occur during storage of manures. AlVflVIONIA VOLATILIZATION Via urea Hydrolysis of urea to ammonia by the enzyme urease can also result in substantial loss of nitrogen. CO(NH3)1 + H10 —>2NH3 gas + C03 gas ...
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