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NRES 201 Intro Soil Science Lec. 25-26 Soil Organisms Ch. 10 3/4/2007 11 Soil organisms include: Soil organisms include: Nematodes Nematodes Threadworms Predators: bacteria, algae, protozoa, insect larvae Also… Plant parasites Infect roots, cause secondary infections Soybean cyst, root-knot, needle Soil organisms include: Soil organisms include: Earthworms Earthworms - Earthworms are heterotrophic organisms.
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Unformatted text preview: - They ingest organic residues and soil particles and pass them through their digestive tracts.- Under ideal conditions earthworms can ingest 15 tons of soil/acre/year.- This means that they can ingest the equivalent to an acre furrow slice (afs) in less than 100 years.- Charles Darwin studied earthworms...
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