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NRES 201 Intro Soil Science Lec. 25-26 Soil Organisms Ch. 10 3/4/2007 14 Star Nosed Mole Star Nosed Mole Mole Cricket Mole Cricket Wombats Wombats Larger Animals Larger Animals Most burrowing animals with the exception of crayfish only burrow in well drained soils, loams and sandy loam preferred. The activities of large animals is usually considered to be undesirable by most farmers, ranchers,
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Unformatted text preview: The activities of small burrowing animals such as earthworms, can have very beneficial effects on soil tilth and fertility. Animals Animals Large animals burrow in the soil: Burrowing mixes the soil and help aeration. The burrows only affect water movement when an excess of water occurs on the soil surface. Badger, a prodigious digger!...
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