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Unformatted text preview: P Loss from Ag Soils No loss of soil P by volatilization. A major difference between P and N. Loss of P occurs by: Erosion The major loss process for agricultural soils. Runoff From animal confinement facilities. From recently fertilized or manured soils. From decomposing plant litter (no-till). Leaching From sandy soils. From organic soils. From forest soils. From manured soils. PhosphorusTake Home Messages!! In acid soils much of the added P precipitates as iron and aluminum phosphates. (hear country music twang, barking dogs at this point, see red soils, think Ultisols, watermelons, peanuts, cotton, and tobacco) In basic soils much of the added P precipitates as calcium phosphates. (hear estern music at this point, see cattle and antelope, W sagebrush, Ustolls and Aridisols, Big Sky Country) ...
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