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33.page06 - NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec 33 Potassium...

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Unformatted text preview: NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec. 33 4/9/2009 Potassium and Micronutrients Ch. 13 Much greater crop remoyal of K c When the yegetatiye matter is hanested. - as \in11 a forage legume or \y hen corn is grow 11 for silage. - Soil K testing is imponant for alfalfa. M74. Potassium mu] imam flops. MANAGEMENT OF POTASSIUM Soil Fertility Testing Exehangeable K is replaee by slmking the soil with lN NHy' aeetate. The NH ' ions re Jlaee K' ions 011 the exehange eom JlCX and the 4 I e I amount of potassium in the filtrate of the soil is determined. Pot: sium ehlori K Trade term: murmte of potash 0-0-60 50"“ K. The 1110 st eommon K fertilizer. mined from natural deposits ( sylyite) in Sa ateheyyan. LUXURY CONSUMPTION of K - The remoyal of greater amounts of K than needed for the plants metabolic puiposes. - Especially significant for forage species. - Increased K uptake does not increase yield. ...
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