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34 - 35.page06 - NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec 34-35...

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Unformatted text preview: NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec. 34-35 3/17/2010 Practical Soil Fertility Management Ch. 13 Options for plant analyses 0 Tissue tests 0 Chlorophyll meters 0 Total analysis Plant Tissue Tests Defined as o SemiquantitatiVe tests of the cell sap to predict deficiencies of N. P. K. or S, Procedure 0 Latest mature leaf usually sampled, o Pliers used to collect cell sap on filter paper, 0 Color7de ‘loping r gents added, 0 Color compared to a standard chart indicating nutrient content as: 7 V ery low 7 Low 7 Medium 7 High 0 Measures leaf green color intensity. as an indicator of N supply. Advantages o More convenient and rapid than tissue tests. 7 A reading can be made in < 1 minute. 0 Non7destructive. ...
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