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34 - 35.page15 - NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec 34-35...

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Unformatted text preview: NRES 201 Intro to Soil Science Lec. 34-35 3/17/2010 Practical Soil Fertility Management Ch. 13 mum. mumulmlnn—I mung-mu.- mn.‘ “In-munm-nrunu “mtg-fig; Buildup of K !83 E53 $5 0:: == Illinois P and K recommendutions: l\«luintenunce Bthti on: i mount of P or K re1no\'ed in the lizm'exted portion of the crop Determined from: 0 Type of crop 0 Yield goal But dUC\ not i 0 Soil ty] 0 Soil text le\'el mun. mmmmmwcmm wrung EDINM gown mg... rmwu xpaam fl- --fl an?” M3: In: mm nu! ms in): Illinois P and K Maintenance us m I” III in a». flflilial mar-u lflddiisflflafli Iflstsflllkzkfl The point i\' to prevent P and K from :::s “max-mm limiting )‘ielllxx aunsnaruuuq ‘Hrgflg while not m‘ei'it‘ei'tilizing. sauna“ iinnanz §E§IE Eugen idfl‘ 'llmwnm - uranium-4m...“ »m....,..‘m|a..._.. r 15 ...
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