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EMA 4935 - SPRING 2011 SCIENCE OF BIOMATERIALS RESEARCH PROPOSAL Professor A. B. Brennan T/R - PER 2,3 R – PER 2 Office: 309 MAE Room: CSE 112 Tel: 352.392.6281 E-mail: [email protected] Recommended Reference: “Successful Grant Writing – 2 nd Edition,” Laura N. Gitlin and Kevin J. Lyons, Springer Publishing Company, 2004, ISBN 0.8261.9261.0 The objective of a research proposal is to demonstrate a proficiency in a particular technical area. This particular proposal is a tool for evaluating the student's ability to apply the principle theories and experimental methods taught in the course to a specific problem associated with their personal area of research. It therefore can be closely associated with the required research proposal for either the Ph.D or M.S. degree, but should be a focused on an aspect that requires the principles presented in this course and distinctly different from the requirements of the PhD Candidacy Exams . Research proposal subjects must be approved by the instructor. Therefore, select an area early
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