EMA4935-Sci-of-Biomaterials-ABET-Syllabus-Spring-2011 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Science of Biomaterials Professor Anthony B. Brennan University of Florida Materials Science & Engineering Biomedical Engineering EMA 4935, Sections 8092 SCIENCE OF BIOMATERIALS 1. Introduction to variables that control compatibility and performance of biomaterials, including physical and chemical properties, corrosion, fatigue, and interfacial histochemical changes. 2. Pre-requisites Baccalaureate degree or equivalent Undergraduate Chemistry, 3. Course Objectives: a. Extend basic materials knowledge to include materials in the biological environment. b. Examine current literature in the areas of biomaterials hydrogel chain dimensions, dynamics and architecture. 4. Dr. Anthony Brennan a. Office location 309 MAE b. Telephone 352.392.6281 c. Email address abrennan@mse.ufl.edu d. Website http://brennan.mse.ufl.edu 5. Meeting Times Period 3, T, R & Period 4 R 6. Meeting Location E112, CSE 7. Textbook Recommended a. Title: Biomaterials Science, An Introduction to Materials in Medicine a....
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EMA4935-Sci-of-Biomaterials-ABET-Syllabus-Spring-2011 -...

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