EMA6580-Exam2-CoverS - Time Limit for taking exam Check all that apply Open Book Notes allowed Calculator Allowed Computer Allowed Take home

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EXAM COVER-SHEET Student Name:______________________________ UF ID:_________________________________ Exam#_____ Quiz#_____ Test#_____ Midterm_____ Final Exam_____ Course Number: __________________Faculty Name___________________________ Date Proctor Should Receive Exam____________________________________ Deadline for Proctor to Return Completed exam:__________________________ Return Completed Exam Including This Cover-Sheet Via: Fax #:__________________________________________________ OR E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________ EXAM INSTRUCTIONS Last lecture to be viewed before exam:________________
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Unformatted text preview: Time Limit for taking exam:_________________________ Check all that apply: Open Book _______ Notes allowed: ____________ Calculator Allowed:_________ Computer Allowed:_________ Take home___________ SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS PROCTOR CERTIFICATION This examination has been administered in accordance with the instructions stated on this UF EDGE Exam Cover Sheet _____________________________________________________________________________ Print: Proctor Name & Email Address __________________________________________ ________________________________ Proctor Signature Date & Time Exam Administered...
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