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phys1013_082_zero - Phys101 Coordinator Naqvi A.A Final-082...

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Phys101 Final-082 Zero Version Coordinator: Naqvi, A.A. Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Page: 1 Q1. A uniform horizontal beam of length 6.00 m and mass M = 100 kg is attached to the vertical wall by a rope making an angle θ = 60.0 º with the wall; the beam can rotate about the fixed pivot O as shown in Fig. 1. A mass m = 80.0 kg hangs from P at a distance 4.00 m from O. Find the tension in the rope attached to the wall. A) 2.03 x 10 3 N B) 5.33 x 10 2 N C) 1.11 x 10 3 N D) 3.25 x 10 3 N E) 4.57 x 10 3 N Q2. What increase in pressure is necessary to decrease the volume of a solid aluminum sphere by 0.050 % (Bulk Modulus of Aluminum = 7.00 x 10 10 N/m 2 ) Sec# Equilibrium and Elasticity - Elasticity Grade# 50 Q3. A certain wire stretches 0.90 cm when outward forces with magnitude F are applied to each of its ends. The same forces are applied to a second wire of the same material but with two times the diameter and three times the length. The second wire stretches: A) 0.68 cm B) 0.30 cm C) 0.90 cm D) 2.7 cm E) 8.1 cm Q4. A non-uniform meter stick of mass 200 g is pivoted at the 0 cm mark and balances horizontally in a vertical plane. In addition to the reaction at the pivot and weight, two vertical forces are acting on it as shown in Fig. 2. Find the distance of the center of mass of the rod from the pivot. A) 76 cm
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Phys101 Final-082 Zero Version Coordinator: Naqvi, A.A. Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Page: 2 B) 88 cm C) 95 cm D) 61 cm E) 55 cm Q5. Each of the four corners of a square with side a is occupied by a point mass m. There is a fifth mass, also m, at the center of the square. To remove the mass from the center to a point very far away the work that must be done by an external agent is given by: Sec# Gravitation - Gravitational Potential Energy Grade# 45 Q6. What is the mass of a planet, in units of Earth’s mass M E , whose radius is twice the radius of Earth and whose escape speed is twice that of the Earth? Q7. A spherical shell has inner radius R 1 , outer radius R 2 , and mass M, distributed uniformly throughout the shell. The magnitude of the gravitational force exerted on the shell by a point particle of mass m, located a distance d from the center (d < R 1 ) is: A) 0 B) GMm/R 2 2 C) GMm/d 2 D) GMm/R 1 2 E) GMm / (R 1 R 2 ) 2
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