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Problem Definition/Statement: What is the problem? Currently, prophylactic elastic knee sleeve supports on the market do not adequately provide a correct compressive stress to cancel out other stresses acting on the knee. The knee sleeve must be able respond to dynamic situations with a compressive stresses in the necessary areas to stabilize the knee. Current supports provide only average assistance for knee ligaments. More advanced knee braces, while providing more support than knee sleeves, have bulky hinges and stays that can add weight and interfere with performance. Athletes need a better sleeve to allow them to compete at a high level while protecting their knees. A better elastic knee sleeve would reduce the number of knee injuries while allowing people to wear unobtrusive knee protection. What are the goals and objectives of the project? The primary goal is to develop a novel knee sleeve system that will provide more stability to the user than any other knee sleeve currently available. To reach this goal, a list of new ideas will need to be formulated and analyzed to select the best one. Important material properties will need to be identified to create some sort of figure of merit to determine the best materials for the device. Cost will always need to be kept in mind during the development of the product. It is very important to demonstrate clearly that the new design is better than what is currently available. The design team will have to figure out a way to best present the information about the product in order to “sell” the idea. What’s out there now? Most of the knee sleeves currently on the market offer the same general design. The elastic nature of the sleeves allows them to be uniformly tight to provide compression on the knee. The following are examples of what is currently out there: This McDavid Open Patella Knee Support is made from neoprene and provides support and warmth for minor ligament problems. This model is also available in a closed patella design for the same cost. Cost: $14.99 1
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The manufacturer claims that it provides firm support and the user to maintain a full range of movement. Cost: $12.00 This Wraparound Knee Support with Adjustable Straps by Mueller is supposed to provide firm, comfortable compression. The adjustable straps are supposed to allow for “adjustable tension for controlled compression”. Cost: $14.99 These previous three models represent what this design is out to improve upon. These are both simple knee sleeves that can be pulled on. They both provide a small amount of compressive support to the knee. What follows are a few models (functional knee braces) with more features such as metal springs or side stays, large adjustable straps, hinges, and polymer support pads. The goal of this design project is to try to approach the level of support found in these bulkier, more expensive knee braces while keeping the lightweight, easily portable sleeve design. 2
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Final Report_Example_ - Problem Definition/Statement: What...

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