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Problem Set 2 EMA 4714 Materials Selection and Failure Analysis January 16, 2008 [Due Wednesday January 23, 2008]. 1. Deiter 1.4 The need for material conservation and decreased cost has increased the desirability of corrosion-resistant coatings on steel. Develop several design concepts for producing 12-inch wide low carbon steel that is coated on one side with a thin layer - e.g. 0.001-inch of nickel. There are several techniques available for producing thin layers on steel: electroless coating, diffusion bonding, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), electrodeposition, electrophoretic deposition and aqueous colloidal processing. Of these techniques, the most common for lower cost is electrodeposition (electroplating). Electroless coating can also be used. Aqueous colloidal processing also offers lower cost, but generally results in a porous coating and would not be ideal for corrosion resistance. One design concept would be to coat one side of the 12 in sheets with an insulator such as a polymer coating and then draw the sheet through a bath of sulfanate electrolyte. A rectifier would supply the current for the electroplating. After coating the polymer can be removed by heating or dipping in a solvent. It is important that the surface to be coated is cleaned thoroughly before processing. Another design concept is to use electrophoretic deposition. A characteristic feature of this process is that colloidal particles suspended in a liquid medium migrate under the influence of an electric field ( electrophoresis ) and are deposited onto an electrode . All colloidal particles that can be used to form stable suspensions and that can carry a charge can be used in electrophoretic deposition. Therefore, a solution containing commercial
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Problem_Set_2_kEY_2008 - Problem Set 2 EMA 4714 Materials...

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