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Dieter Exercise 2.5 Take ten minutes and individually write down small things in your life, or aspects of products that you use, that bother you. You can just name the product, or better yet, give an attribute of the product that “bugs you”. Be as specific as you can. You are really creating a needs list. Combine this with other lists prepared by members of your design team. Perhaps you have created an idea for an invention. *********************************************************************** * variety of answers possible - volunteer? Dieter Exercise 2.7 A focus group of housewives was convened to show them an innovative clothespin and ask what characteristics they want in a clothespin. The comments were as follows: It needs to grip tightly. I have arthritis. They shouldn’t be too hard to open or close. I don’t like pins that get tangled in my clothes basket. It better not stain the clothes. If I’m going to buy new clothespins at that price, they better last a long time.
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Unformatted text preview: I dont want them to look shabby after long use. Translate these customer requirements into engineering characteristics of the product. *********************************************************************** **** Gripping/compressive force Force to open/close Streamlining, low profile - avoid snagging Stability of color/dyes. Low leach rates, tolerance to detergents, bleaches Durability, reliability Wear, UV resistance, environmental stability Determine from the appropriate ASTM standard the allowable wall thickness tolerance for a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extruded tube with a 2.0-inch outside diameter and a 0.30-inch nominal wall thickness. Cite the source. +/- 0.28 mm Source: Table 12. 3, Annual Book of ASTM Standards (2001) Section Two: Nonferrous Metal Products Volume 02.02: Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys...
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