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Quiz_2_ S2008_ KEY - • Claims to “improve metallurgy”...

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Quiz 2 KEY EMA 4714 - Materials Selection and Failure Analysis Monday, February 4, 2008 Name ________________________________________ Open Book/Open Notes I. Intellectual Property 1. According to Dieter [p 144, end of section 4.7], “...patents usually avoid any detailed discussion of theory or why the invention works.” A. [10 points] Briefly explain why this practice is usually followed in writing a patent. Arguments can be offered that the discovery would be “obvious” based on an understanding of the theory - i.e. Fails to meet criterion, “Discovery/invention must be nonobvious to a person skilled in the art covered by the patent.”. B. [10 points] Provide at least one example of where this practice was followed in the writing of US Patent 6,013,890. Process claims to “remove embrittlement” from HAZ without explaining how it is done [eliminate segregation by diffusion, tempering of martensite microconstituents, etc.]
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Unformatted text preview: • Claims to “improve metallurgy” without explaining how it is done or what the improvements are [eliminate martensite, retained austenite, etc.] • Claims to eliminate HAZ without providing theory for how the HAZ was formed. II. Codes and Standards 2. [10 points] Calculate the UL “Corrosion Resistance Ratio” [CRR] for NPS ¾ inch schedule 80 steel pipe, threaded in conformance to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1. Assume pipe to be within tolerance specified in ASTM A795 and has been joined using normal wrench make-up values [effective thread length = L 2 ]. OD = 1.0500 + 1/64 = 1.065625 t wall = 0.875*0.1540 = 0.13475 ID = 1.065625 - 2*0.13475 = 0.796125” dE 2 = 1.00179 - 0.05714 = 0.94465 t min = [0.94465-0.796125]/2 = 0.074” CRR = [0.074/0.038] 3 = 7.38...
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