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Unit I Examination - Part III EMA 4714 - Materials Selection and Failure Analysis KEY Wednesday, February 11, 2004 2. [50%] The following Table contains specifications for 1¼ inch NPS pipe, schedule 40 steel and a number of ABS plastic schedules. Nominal OD of pipes = 1.660 inches Several years ago, a PVC coupling connecting sections of steel pipe installed in a cooling water recirculation system in Rhines Hall failed. The resultant coolant loss did a considerable amount of damage to the first floor offices in the south end of the building, one of which being that of your beloved EMA 4714 instructor. Since the failure was associated with coupling of a male threaded pipe section to a female plastic coupling, a decision was made to go to either an all metal or all plastic system. Consider an all-steel 1¼-inch NPS coolant piping system made up of sections supported by hangers spaced 12 feet apart. Sections are joined by threaded joints which conform to ANSI B1.20.1. Assuming that stresses created by bending moments between supports are highest at the first exposed thread of the coupled sections, first calculate the effective safety factor [ σ flow / σ applied ] resulting from this installation. Assume worst possible case, i.e. where a coupling is supported by a hanger. Second, select [if possible] an ABS schedule pipe which, when installed using solvent-welded joints, would possess the same safety factor as would the steel. 0.2346
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u1spr2004_key - Unit I Examination - Part III EMA 4714 -...

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