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Unit I Examination EMA 4714 - Materials Selection and Failure Analysis KEY Monday, February 17, 2003 I. Golf Club Face Plates [10 points] 1. Explain, as best you can, the basis for use of the “best combination of high specific strength and high modulus of elasticity” as indicators of club face performance in producing maximum launch velocity of a struck golf ball. This is what the Carpenter Tech engineers used in demonstrating the superiority of their AerMet alloy. ************************************************************************* The basis of the Carpenter Tech performance index was that elastic strain energy [ e 2 E/2 = s y 2 /2E] absorbed by the club face would not be transferred to the ball. Presumably this stored elastic strain energy, by a decrease in kinetic energy of the club or some other mechanism, would have resulted in a decreased force applied to the ball - this reduced impulse would lessen the momentum transfer upon collision of club with ball. 2. LiquidMetal developed a singular performance index based on maximizing compliance of their club face insert. Their derivation utilized the basic physics of collisions including collision efficiency, coefficient of restitution and ball behavior. How were they able to connect a high coefficient of restitution for the momentum transfer between club and ball and the compliance of the club face mater? [Be as specific albeit concise as possible] ************************************************************************* LiquidMetal argued that it was the anelasticity of the ball, rather than that of the club face, that was the problem. Unrecovered strain energy due to time delayed elastic
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u12003_key - Unit I Examination EMA 4714 - Materials...

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