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Unformatted text preview: Jennifer Nicole Durbin [email protected] CST HUM Week 5 Assignment Dexter The typical stereotype of a serial killer, except Dexter has a job, a good job. He is a blood splatter pathologist, and works with the Miami Dade Police. Dexters job allows him to blend indifferently into society. He is a loner, faking his smiles just to blend into the mundane society that surrounds him. From a young age Dexter was fascinated with blood. His first victim was a dog, with more small animals soon following their death by Dexters hand. Dexter Morgan is a different kind of serial killer. He does not kill just for sport, but to rid the world of people who do harm to others. He is in his own a sort of dirty saint. Dexters foster father, Harry was the only one to notice that something about Dexter was different. He taught him how to blend in, how to fake his happiness, and how to kill deftly, without making any mistakes. The code of Harry is a set of rules that Dexter lives by, the rules allow him to live as fully as possible, and to kill with out notice,...
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