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week 7 Psy - Jennifer Nicole Durbin...

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Jennifer Nicole Durbin [email protected] Week 7 Assignment Assignment: Testing Intelligence Resources: IQ Test Labs Web site at   http://www.intelligencetest.com/ Complete   the free Web-based intelligence test and review the results. Answer   the following questions in paragraph form: o Did you feel the results were accurate? o Was the test biased in any way? o How do you feel about these types of scores being used to compare you with another person? Please explain. Submit your paragraphs as a Microsoft ® Word attachment to your Assignment Section . Personalized IQ report for nicole durbin ! Your age adjusted IQ score is 110 and the average score is 100 Your Grade: Higher Average Well done! Your performance on the test was above the population average which means that you have the ability to achieve success in life. Whatever you decide to do you have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a wide variety of ways. You are able to
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