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Jennifer Nicole Durbin [email protected] CST 1. Do you think meditation leads to heightened sensation and perception? Explain why or why not. Yes because it is so relaxing that it allows the person doing it to shift their concentrstion to other things, and afterwards, the senses from being realxed are ready to be stimulated again. 2. Have you considered integrating meditation into your own lifestyle? If so, list one strategy for fitting meditation into your schedule. If not, explain why. I have meditated before in yoga class I usually go once a month, but I think that maybe I can incorporate a few minutes of meditation into my morning coffee ritual, while the coffee is brewing, I can meditate and try to clear my mind and prepare for the rest of the day. PSY/201 Web Address (URL): http://www.wildmind.org/ http://www.how-to-meditate.org/index.php/ Summary of resource: This website has numerous meditation guides, online tutorials, music and blogs. Many of the tutorials are voice guided. There are cds and mp3s available for
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