Midterm (Chapters 1-7) Multiple Choie

Midterm (Chapters 1-7) Multiple Choie - Chapter 1 Histology...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Histology would be best defined as a study of________. tissues The study of the heart may incorporate many aspects of anatomy but as a whole it is __________ anatomy. gross An increased rate of breathing as a result of an increased buildup of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream would be best described as an example of ________. excretion of metabolic waste Normal body temperature is ________ degrees centigrade. 37 If you consider your home air conditioner in terms of homeostasis then the wall thermostat would be the ________. control center The main, general purpose of negative feedback is ________. to maintain homeostasis ________ is the specific name for the hip region. Coxal An oblique cut is one that ________. is cut diagonally between the vertical and horizontal The heart lies in the ________ cavity. pericardial The cavities housing the eyes are called __________ cavities. orbital A structure that is composed of two or more tissues would be ________. an organ ________ cavities are spaces within joints. Synovial Which of the following would not be functional characteristics of life? decay ________ means toward or at the back of the body, behind. Dorsal The single most abundant chemical substance of the body, accounting for 60-80% of body weight, is ________. Water The posterior side of the patella would be called ________. popliteal Which of the following statements is concerning feedback mechanisms? Negative feedback mechanisms work to prevent sudden severe changes within the body. The anatomical position is characterized by all of the following except ________. palms turned posteriorly A good example of a positive feedback mechanism would be ________. enhancement of labor contractions A parasagittal plane is ________. any sagittal plane except the median Which of the following organs or structures would be found in the left iliac region? intestines The parietal pleural would represent a serous membrane ________. lining the thoracic cavity Which one of the following systems responds to environmental stimuli nervous Choose the anatomical topic and definition that is not correctly matched. Cytology: study of the structures in a particular region. Homeostasis is the condition in which the body maintains ________. a relatively stable internal environment, within limits The lungs are located in the following cavities ________. pleural, ventral, and thoracic Choose the following statement that is not completely correct regarding serous membranes. Visceral pericardium covers the surface of the heart, and parietal pericardium lines the walls of the heart. Place the following in correct sequence from simplest to most complex: 1. molecules; 2. Atoms; 3. Tissues; 4. Cells; 5. organ 2-1-4-3-5 Which of the following imaging devices would best localize a tumor in a person's brain?...
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Midterm (Chapters 1-7) Multiple Choie - Chapter 1 Histology...

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