Midterm (Chapters 1-7) True or False

Midterm (Chapters 1-7) True or False - Chapter 1 1 Positive...

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Chapter 1 1) Positive feedback mechanisms tend to increase the original stimulus. True 2) Imaging is useful in discovering obstructed blood supplies in organs and tissues. True 3) The anatomical position means the body is standing at attention with the palms facing forward and the thumbs pointing away from the body. True 4) The elbow is proximal to the shoulder. False 5) The serous membrane that lines the peritoneal cavity wall is called visceral peritoneum. False 6) A major function of serous membranes is to decrease friction. True 7) The right hypochondriac region contains the majority of the stomach. False 8) Lungs carry out an excretory function. True 9) Embryology concerns the structural changes that occur in an individual from conception through old age. False 10) A tissue consists of groups of similar cells that have a common function. True 11) It is important for any organism to maintain its boundaries, so that its internal environment remains distinct from the external environment surrounding it. True 12) Without some sort of negative feedback mechanism, it would be impossible to keep our body chemistry in balance. True 13) Regardless of the variable being regulated, all homeostatic control mechanisms have at least three interdependent components. True 14) In a negative feedback mechanism, ADH is the equivalent to the "thermostat" in your home heating system. False 15) The epigastric region is located superior to the umbilical region. True Chapter 2 1) The atomic weight is only an average of relative weights of an atom and its isotopes, and it may vary from the weight of a specific isotope. True 2) Emulsions and colloids are the same thing. True 3) Chemical properties are determined primarily by neutrons. False 4) A charged particle is generally called an ion. True 5) Isotopes differ from each other only in the number of electrons contained. False 6) About 60 to 80% of the volume of most living cells consists of organic compounds. False 7) Lipids are a poor source of stored energy. False 8) Current information theorizes that Omega-3 fatty acids decrease the risk of heart disease. True 9) Glucose is an example of a monosaccharide. True 10) A molecule consisting of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms is correctly written as CO2. True 11) The lower the pH, the higher the hydrogen ion concentration. True 12) Covalent bonds are generally less stable than ionic bonds. False 13) Hydrogen bonds are comparatively strong bonds. False
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14) The fact that no chemical bonding occurs between the components of a mixture is the chief difference between mixtures and compounds. True
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Midterm (Chapters 1-7) True or False - Chapter 1 1 Positive...

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