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Neoclassicism 1 Neoclassicism, Impressionism, and Abstract Art Ana Gonzalez Axia College
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Neoclassicism 2 Neoclassicism, Impressionism and Abstract art are very different schools of art. They portray images in different ways. Neoclassicism and Abstract art may portray types of political scenes but in completely different ways. Neoclassicism has realistic images and Abstract art may use symbols that are hard to identify to demonstrate the same feeling. Neoclassicism was prevalent in the 18 th century. The art movement was partly influenced by Baroque art and the emerging scientific studies in the Greek and Roman arts (Sayre,2007). Because of this more and more people developed a fondness for antique objects (Sayre, 2007). Neoclassicism was extremely less pompous than Rococo. It seemed to have images of more realistic images. It also portrayed war heroes as icons. Take for example Napoleon in his study by Jacque-Louis David. David was a supporter of Napoleon having been imprisoned during the French revolution and living those tumultuous times (Sayre, 2007). In his portrait, Napoleon is depicted as a serious man, in a sober setting. This sober setting is typical of neoclassicism. On the other hand, Impressionism is more about living life well. Impressionism art is not very
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Assignment_Painting_Styles - Neoclassicism 1 Neoclassicism...

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