check point 1 - Howling Wolfs drawing is more emotional....

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1Lodge Medicine Creek Lodge       In the art lab we are able to observe two drawings of the same event.  Even though  they are the same situation, there are some big differences that have to do with the artist  own beliefs and view of the situation and the people present at the time.    Howling Wolf’s  Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge actually depicts the place where it took place.  Taylor´s drawing focuses more on the actual signing than the place.   Howling Wolf  included native women in his drawing watching the signing. The women’s hair was braided  with red paint in the middle of their hair to show they were taken, or married.   In the  Taylor’s drawing only Margaret Adams, an interpreter for the Arapaho, was included. 
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Unformatted text preview: Howling Wolfs drawing is more emotional. You can somewhat tell that this was an important event. Taylors drawing on the other hand seemed extremely posed and cold. The white artist ignored the women present at the treaty signing because the native women like most when in that time were not important in society. Taylors drawing seems to forget women completely. Only Margaret Adams is present. I do not know if the omission of women was intentional, or if Taylor, like most men of the time, simply did not believe that women were relevant to the event taking place. 2Lodge References Reading Art: Understanding Iconography
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check point 1 - Howling Wolfs drawing is more emotional....

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