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I was watching Two and a Half Men and there was a very funny scene. Alan one of the main characters was about to enter his son's bedroom. He is knocking on the door and there is a medium shot. He opens the bedroom and the shot becomes a full shot of the entire bedroom. There you can notice that there is a bulk under the covers. There is another medium shot of Alan calling his son's name. After that there is a close shot of Alan wondering why his son does not answer. Then there is a full shot of Alan pulling off the covers. After that there is an extreme shot of the pillow.
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Unformatted text preview: Finally there is another full shot of the bedroom and Alan leaving, but not before he subs his toe. The full shot lets us observe when he stubs his toe. Hi Erika. I remember those rooms. My uncle was a photographer and he also created a black room when he was younger. I'm not really sure if that methos is still being used, but it must have been pretty dangerous. I remember that the smell of the fumes was very strong. I also wonder what effect all the use of mercury had on the healthy of photographers when they used them during the daguerreotype process....
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