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1/ Gina needs to interview many people. As a new store manager, she needs to get acquainted with her regional boss Marty, hire an assistant manager, hire two new clercks, schedule review performances, talks to former employees and customers as well. Gina has quite a lot to do but each of those conversations is an interview since it engages two parties in a two way conversations based on questioning and answering. I think behavioral interview are more appropriate for Gina while talking to Marty, Rashid, Samantha and the two new clerks, audition is more appropriate for the performance review, exit interviews are more appropriate for employees who have left or who are leaving the company and finally
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Unformatted text preview: survey interviews for finding out what the customers want more out of the store. 2/ Her goal in interviewing the regional manager is to know what is expected of her as a store manger, by interviewing the potential assistant managers, Gina is trying to find which of those individuals is the best to manage the store, by interview former employees, the goal is to find out the reason why they quit or are leaving the company, and finally by interviewing the customers Gina is trying to find out the way to better serve them, especially what more they would like the store to be doing it is not being done yet....
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