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In reading this paper, I would have most defiantly made the conclusion paragraph longer than one sentence, I mean although the word count was met it is still not done right on that note alone. Within the first two paragraphs there was a lot of information regarding the actors and directors that I feel was much un-needed with the report of the film this student is giving to us. I think when you are critiquing a film of any sorts you should bring out what the goal of the film was to start with, not information about the actors and such that is much unneeded. Another bad thing that was done was there is no citing from the Wikipedia that the student claims to have gotten information from. That could be considered stealing in most cases even though they gave a mild credit to the site over said information. Through the whole of the paper this student talks about the actors and their abilities more so then the actual movie, bow if you ask me I think there is supposed to be more information on the movie and how it brings the comic to life on the big screen. I am
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