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com week 3 assign. - with buying a place of your own...

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I – Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a home. Many people would think the opposite of this when it comes to our economy today. II – Let’s look at the statistics of renting, versus buying, shall we? The break down between renting and buying is the amount in your pocket and what you can afford to spend. III – The good right along with the bad of buying your own home. When you choose to rent a place you do not have to worry about maintaining it, because that is the landlord’s job. Whereas when you buy a home you are responsible for all problems with the place. IV – What makes renting an apartment, or home worth the money? Look at this way, if there were to be any reason you would need to move, you would not have to worry about selling your home, or whether it was up to code to get your money back in selling it. V – Let us review the information I have given you today, shall we? Renting a home is a inexpensive way to live, with no worries or hassles, where as there is many things to worry about
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Unformatted text preview: with buying a place of your own. Setting up my paragraphs this way gives me a good visual on how I would like to set up my essay when I am writing it out. There is a lot of information that I have found for my topic and I would like to neatly fir a lot of it into this paper. Although it may not be hard to find information, it is the process of checking it to make sure it is correct as well as informational in the form of catching peoples interest. I do not want to bore my readers, but to intrigue them on why they should rent instead of look at buying a home is my goal. I mean think about it, you could always buy a home later in life when you can afford it, but until then renting is a bigger pocket saving method as well as easier in the long run of the ordeal. This is why I chose to make my outline this way, it makes it simpler for me to see how much I can fit in without running on about a topic, and keeping it interesting to those who read it....
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