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Orientation Workshop Week 3

Orientation Workshop Week 3 - Summarize what you learned in...

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Unformatted text preview: Summarize what you learned in this Orientation Workshop. o How will you apply what you learned in this Orientation Workshop to your educational, personal, or professional pursuits? o Provide relevant personal notes and observations, such as anything discussed in this Orientation Workshop, that you want to learn more about or that you may want to receive further training or practice with. Since I have started this workshop I have made some mistakes, along with them being made I learned how to correct them. I either had the syllabus or my instructor to get an answer that I needed if I could not find it or figure it out on my own. I have also learned how to use the library for any type of search that I may need to do in the future for classes. I have even taken some individual time on my own to find this out. I do so like to read when information is at the tips of my fingers. I have always been taught that there is no bad question, only the one that is unanswered, with that said I can say I know this from...
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